Bring your sounds into songs in 10 weeks

Get on the priority list for this group coaching and get the guidance you need to arrange your sounds into professional songs using Ableton Live

Why do some people struggle to achieve results while others manage to succeed in making music?

Looking around right now, people are responding to challenges in very different ways. Are you wondering what’s the difference between someone who succeeds in starting and finishing tracks and making them sound interesting and someone who is struggling and - worst case - even give up his or her music passion?

It’s not that successful music makers are more talented or have plenty of resources. It’s not that they have secret tools you have no access to.

It’s that they are aware of the two main factors that make a difference in a creative music-making process:

  1. Taking action
  2. Staying on track

Because here’s the truth that we all have to face...

It’s not enough to be passionate or talented. It’s not enough to start something and hope it’ll do on its own. It’s not enough to watch YouTube tutorials.

So whether you already make some music and lack the routine or supportive surroundings... Or you are overwhelmed by all the tutorials, tools and platforms out there…

Here’s the most important advice I can give you (both as a musician and a highly disciplined person):

You need to create a routine for your music production. And STICK to it.

I’ll show you how in just a second, but first you need to understand why this is so important:

People have all opportunities to get creative and live their music passion right now. From home or on the go - all possibilities are open.

You do NOT want to wait any longer and watch other people to create their songs instead of making your own.

Rather you want to...

Get the guidance and support you need to take action and make your music

Do you want to be independent and make music whenever YOU have time and inspiration?

Do you make this mistake of waiting for the right moment to take action?

Are you afraid that pursuing your music passion will take too long, so you don't start at all?

Here is what you need to change:
  • Join a community of like-minded music enthusiasts
  • Get inspired and motivated in an exclusive community
  • Learn to be open-minded and follow a proven process
  • Start practicing on a regular basis
  • Get the answers to your questions on the going

Tell Your Story through Music Created by YOU

If you join our Tell Your Story Program, you will learn

How to quickly arrange your songs in different styles

How to create impact, epic and emotional moments in your songs

How to make your music sound epic, interesting and intriguing

How to create interesting sounding beats & basslines

Advanced and creative way of using MIDI and audio effects

Improvisation for live play technique

Practical music theory for electronic musicians

A deeper understanding of all Ableton Live's devices - effects & instruments

How to get out of the loop using advanced sampling techniques

Automation and modulation in depth

Introducing to Max4Live

Fast results workflow

We know this all feels overwhelming and like it's almost impossible to do all of this on your own. This is exactly why we created the Tell Your Story Program for you.

Are you ready to transform your creations into proper music in 10 weeks?

Here's How Tell Your Story Works

We’ve combined our experience in music production, live performance and music teaching with tested and proven coaching methods we use for our students to help you create your songs in a structured process. Even if you have a full-time job and a family.

You'll get

  • 10-week program
  • Ableton Certified Training with doable and practical action steps
  • 10 modules
  • Weekly videos
  • Flexible learning
  • Live group coaching calls with the Ableton Certified Trainer every week
  • Real-time feedback for your tracks
  • Live Q&A every week
  • Exclusive community in a private Facebook group
  • Personal support and feedback from drumnote team in a private Facebook group
  • Creative group work assignments & collaboration

So if you want to awaken your creativity and have a consistent music-making process to create songs you are proud of, then your time to act is NOW.

We start the program on 10 September. Don’t wait for the right moment to take action (because there is no such a thing). Take action NOW and join us for the 10-week Tell Your Story Program where you’ll receive all the guidance, support and accountability you need to create your songs and be proud of them.

Introducing the Tell Your Story Program

Join us for this intensive group coaching program where you'll get the direct support, guidance and exact instructions you need to produce your music - in just 10 weeks.

This program is for you if you want to make your songs regularly, practice with like-minded people and create an easy workflow for you own music production - no matter what genre or music style you prefer.

You'll have quick wins while you set yourself up for a creative music process.

Here are some song arrangement samples made in the Tell Your Story program


  • New module videos will be released every week
  • You'll get a weekly assignment or assignments
  • You'll have a live group call with hot seats every week
  • You'll have a live Q&A call every two weeks
  • You'll get support in a private Facebook group
  • You'll have creative group projects during the program
  • You'll get a Completion Certificate at the end of the course
  • We might have give-aways and contests inside the group

Tell your story. Make your music.


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