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One-on-One Coaching in Music Production

Bring your music to the next level

With or without musical background


What if you could produce your songs in your home studio at a level you hear in radio, Spotify, iTunes and Beatport?

Did you spend days, weeks or months watching YouTube tutorials?

Perhaps you bought one online course, read a manual, learned by trial and error?

You've invested so much time in looking for free guidance through endless tutorials and still have no progress with making your own music?

You just collect ideas on your computer and got a full library with endless sketches of songs but you just can’t get those into the finish line?

Your songs are either not finished or they sound not like you want them to sound. The bass is too thin. The sound is weak. Some parts are too loud, the others are too quiet?

Do you feel that your songs just are not good enough?

Do you feel it’s taking you way too long to start and finish songs?

Do you feel that sometimes you really want to make music but don’t even know where to start?

You've invested in buying some gear and software and this didn’t help you to create more tracks?

Do you feel challenged or overwhelmed by the software and computer technology in general?

Do you often feel lack of motivation and inspiration?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then continue reading

What if you could change that completely?

What if you got the guidance and professional support that fits you personally to help you finally focus on finishing your song and get you making music on a regular basis?


Realize your musical ideas

  • Weekly live sessions
  • Real-time feedback on your music
  • Weekly live Q&A
  • You'll learn fast result methods
  • You'll create your effective workflow
  • You'll learn how to make your music sound more interesting
  • Chance to have your tracks singed in major labels

Make your music. Be creative.

DAWs We Work With


  • One-on-one coaching with a personal trainer
  • Training tailor made for your needs
  • You develop your own tracks
  • You'll be constantly making music
  • You'll learn to overcome creative blocks
  • You'll learn all about your tools (DAW, plugins, hardware)
  • You'll get practical techniques that will help you stay creative
  • You will learn music theory for different styles and genres
  • Special prices from our partner network
  • Live training with real-time feedback & critic


  • You'll be able to easily build and structure your tracks
  • You'll know the tools you need for your songs to sound good and professional
  • You'll know how to improvise live and use your creativity
  • You'll learn to use your time in an efficient way
  • You'll learn to focus on the things that matter the most
  • You'll analyze and hear music like musicians do
  • You'll know how to mix and master your songs (depending on what level you're at when you start with us)
  • You'll get the chance to publish your song at a label

What my students say

I was looking for an introduction to a FL Studio music program for my son, 14 years old, when I came across drumnote Productions on the Internet. Both the website and the initial contact with were both very professional and personally pleasant. The lessons are organized as follows: the trainer works in a human-friendly manner and is very experienced in terms of the content, he answers every question very professionally and explains all connections. It supports the creativity of children and young people and accompanies the implementation of their own ideas in a didactically meaningful manner and with a lot of openness. I also find the support very reliable and the offer flexible and transparent. I can highly recommend the online training to everyone, the quality and output speak for themselves. My son is enthusiastic and says: "I am learning a lot of new things, have worked out all the basics in the first few hours and will soon have created my own songs. Lessons at drumnote Productions are real fun!"

Barbara Greulich

A great musician and mixing engineer. He always knows exactly what he's doing. Since I've been a student with him for some time now, I know that I can achieve my goals with Roy as my coach!

Simeon T.

Very resoursful course with a cool and professional teacher. At the first meeting I noticed that Roy is passionate about what his does and that he is happy to pass on his passion. I decided to take the coaching with Ableton and I'm super happy with it. It is shown step by step how the program is built up, what possibilities it offers and how you can build your own ideas in it so that at the end your own song is ready. Conclusion: Cool course with a lot of fun. I can definitely recommend it!

Stanislaw Schleidowez

Currently, I’m enrolled in the personal coaching program at drumnote Productions. The school is very helpful and has experienced professionals in the field of music. The facility is very well equipped and help you a lot in being creative and productive. My trainer is Very helpful and professional and has an experience in all kind of music. What I like most is the friendly technical way of teaching and that the music school is very well equipped with high standard equipment. I learned so far a lot of commands and options in Ableton Push also how to start to build a track. The live online training is good and my trainer is very good and can put you in the studio mood although I’m not good in learning online but due to the ongoing crisis (corona) we had to do it and I was surprised by the preparations. I would recommend drumnote Productions to my friends, because simply the school has a passion to deliver the good high standard education for music production.

Ahmed A.


✔️ Musician, drummer, live performer, DJ, music producer, sound engineer

✔️ Ableton Certified Trainer

✔️ Passionate trainer on music & music production

✔️ Instructor of multiple courses, projects and coaching programs worldwide

"The world will be a better place if as many people as possible make music."

Not sure if it's right for you?

  • Get feedback on your own music.
  • Get mindful and professional advice on how to get the progress and results you're aiming for.

No strings attached. No fluff. Just you and the trainer.

Make your music. Be creative.


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