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Learn how to mix and master your own songs in 12 weeks

We start on 12 February 2022

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What My Students Say

Alex Schiessl, Augsburg. He's a music producer and published his tracks on Spotify after working with us.

"If you want to learn all this stuff on your own, you would need to invest an enormous amount of time. And even then you'll need to buy online courses somewhere."

Mike Wegmüller, Luzern. He's a music producer and finished his first album after working with us.

"You learn so much about mixing and bring your music on a completely different level. It would be impossible to learn all of that from YouTube tutorials."

"If you are willing to put the effort in then Roy will guide you all the way with his fun unique style, training courses, master classes and Q&A. I was once told you have to pay for your education. So I did with drumnote Productions. Now I have the knowledge and focus to further my musical experience. If you are seriously interested in progressing with your music production then I can highly recommend drumnote Productions. Roy and his team are simply the best in the business." - Al Downs, UK

Mix and master your songs to make them sound powerful, clear, engaging, and emotional!

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after MASTER YOUR SOUND

You'll learn

  • the "Procreative" method which will show you how to listen and analyze music in a new way of recognizing problems in your mix and how to correct them
  • how to create better-sounding music by mixing properly
  • to control, EQ, compressors, reverb, and other tools for mixing
  • how to train your mind to make creative decisions while listening
  • how to train your ear to look for problems in the mix
  • how to make your song sound good already at the early stages of creating so you won’t have to do much at the end
  • specific topics like: how to create your low end, how to make your song clear and engaging, how to sound loud enough and more
  • practical solutions to common mixing pitfalls
  • you´ll get a deeper understanding of the tools you already have in your DAW
  • using third-party tools and plugins like Waves, Arturia, FabFilter and more
  • creative mixing techniques like 4D mixing, special mixing
  • live feedback on tracks from other participants of the program

Share the work you are proud of and make people love your music

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