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Learn how to mix and master your own songs in 10 weeks

The truth is...

There are many ways to make your music sound amazing, but people get overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and lack of know-how about how sound works and how to use its powerful capabilities.

Mixing is not an easy topic. Many music producers even give up on it entirely because of its complexity and believe when others say, "you shouldn't mix your own music".

The thing is - only you know how your song should sound like. It is your own vision, and therefore, no one can do it better than you.

You just need to know what to look for and how to apply and hear it while being critical of yourself and making sure you deliver the song's message.

That is where the Procreative Method comes into play:

  • Know how to control your sounds
  • Understand how sound works in general and use it to your creative advantage
  • Get familiar with the different mixing and mastering methods and find the right one for you
  • Learn how to get results you'll be happy with

Your track is finished. Until you realize it isn't...

  • Are you frustrated about not knowing what's wrong with your mix?
  • Are you tired of endlessly searching through YouTube tutorials to make your music sound professional?
  • Do you struggle with finishing songs?
  • Do you feel bad hearing your track next to other tracks on Spotify?
  • Do you feel helpless seeing the vast amount of plugins you can use for mixing and mastering, which you don't know much about?
  • Do you feel that your music sounds messy, muffled, unpleasant, and unprofessional?
  • You are overwhelmed by how technical mixing is?

Does any of these sound like you?

Imagine if I could help YOU make that essential shift in JUST 10 WEEKS!
How would your life look like?

Hi, I'm Roy Perez

A music producer, DJ, drummer, sound engineer, Ableton Certified Trainer and musician.

But I was like you!

In the starting phase of my music production career, my biggest struggle was getting my songs sound professional, powerful, loud and clear.

Placing the sounds together and combining them into a whole song was easy for me. Because of my long years of experience playing different instruments in many bands, I knew how the different music parts should react and communicate with each other to sound like one unit.

The biggest problem was after exporting the song and then taking it to the club or hearing it with headphones as part of a playlist right after other professionally sounding tracks.

I was deadly disappointed. My tracks sounded dull, lifeless, very low in volume, and unclear. I was wondering about what could be the reason for that. So I searched and tried hard to find what I was missing. In the end, I bought the plugins professionals were using. Still, it didn't help because I didn't really know how to use them. I tried to look for tips and tricks online, but my music didn't sound like I wanted it to sound. Maybe a bit better, but still not very clear and lifeless.

So I bought different books and worked at a few professional mixing studios. I was mentored by professional sound engineers, looking over their shoulders to understand their decision-making process. It took me years to absorb knowledge while mixing all the time and developing my ear to find the "problems" and focus on the solutions, which I then implemented into my own productions.

Mixing starts from the beginning. When making a song, you need to take the listener's brain and the natural behavior of sound into consideration when deciding how the song should sound.

The Procreative Method is something that every producer aiming at mixing and mastering music should understand and apply to every kind of music to bring it to the next level.

Mixing is not only what you do when the song is over.

It starts with your first note and...

  • laying down the sound properly
  • understanding how sound works
  • understanding how the listeners perceive your sound
  • developing an “ear” so you can detect problems
  • knowing your plugins inside out
  • learning how to set goals and achieve them
  • and many more methods that can completely transform your music into something that you will enjoy listening to all the time

It's also about how you construct your song, where to leave “air”, how to make the right sound “stand out” at the right time and then support others when the song goes forward.

One of the most useful ways to learn is by seeing a professional in action, watching his way of making decisions, and getting straight answers about why he is doing it in a specific way.

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What My Students Say

Mix and master your songs to make them sound powerful, clear, engaging, and interesting!


Most music producers seek out MASTER YOUR SOUND because they realize that tips and tricks won't solve their problems.

You'll get
  • 10-week program
  • Weekly training videos
  • Live Q&A every week
  • Real-time feedback and critic on your music
  • Weekly assignments that keep you accountable
  • Make progress in a community of like-minded people
  • Stay motivated by collaborating with others
  • Live coaching calls with the Ableton Certified Trainer every week
  • Move at your own pace with trainings available to (re-)watch later
  • Chance to get your tracks signed on major labels









"I want you to be able to take any of your songs, anywhere, and be able to turn them into a work you are actually proud of."

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after MASTER YOUR SOUND

You'll learn

  • the "Procreative" method which will show you how to listen and analyze music in a new way of recognizing problems in your mix and how to correct them
  • how to create better-sounding music by mixing properly
  • to control, EQ, Compressors reverb, and other tools for mixing
  • how to train your mind to make creative decisions while listening
  • how to train your ear to look for problems in the mix
  • how to make your song sound good already at the early stages of creating so you won’t have to do much at the end
  • specific topics like: how to create your low end, how to make your song clear and engaging, how to sound loud enough and more
  • practical solutions to common mixing pitfalls
  • you´ll get a deeper understanding of the tools you already have in your DAW
  • using third-party tools and plugins like Waves, Arturia, FabFilter and more
  • creative mixing techniques like 4D mixing, special mixing
  • live feedback on tracks from other participants of the program

Share the work you are proud of and make people love your music

Who is this program for?

MASTER YOUR SOUND is for you if...

  • You can already produce tracks in Ableton Live
  • You are an electronic music creator looking to know how to mix and master your own music and make it sound engaging and interesting

Discover how MASTER YOUR SOUND can bring you from good to great!

THE RIGHT TIME to develop your mixing skills and practice is NOW. Start your new way of producing music by being "procreative" right now.


After completing this program you will know how mix and master your music to sound professionally. To make your songs sound powerful, clear, engaging, and interesting.

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