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Learn the foundational steps to your own sound
in Ableton Live in 4 weeks

You get excited when you hear musical ideas in your head but wonder how to realize them?

Sounds familiar? Then this course is for you!

Step by step instructions on how to convert your own ideas to sound using the easiest and most intuitive music software — Ableton Live.

Using a music software (DAW — Digital Audio Workstation) is like playing an instrument and mastering every instrument starts by understanding how it works.

You’ll learn how to

  • start & create your sound in Ableton Live
  • plan & structure your own musical concepts
  • use Ableton Live as an instrument and get inspired
  • record yourself using audio and midi
  • make your music sound interesting and engaging
  • finish your first song

What Our Students Say

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for

  • People who have a very minimal or non-existing background in music and would like to know how to create their own music.
  • Musicians or music enthusiasts who would like to know how to create their own sounds using Ableton Live
  • Ableton Live users who would like to refresh their knowledge about the software.

Currently, you get all the features of Ableton Live 10 Suite free for 90 days.

Live your passion. Be creative. Make your music.

You don't have to rely on other musicians, bandmates or an available recording studio in order to make your own songs.

You can produce your music everywhere. You just need a computer with the right music software installed on it.

Music is about freedom.

Imagine that you can

  • create songs with unlimited instruments
  • experiment & improvise to produce innovative music
  • learn Ableton Live and use it as a musical instrument
  • become independent in your music making process
  • be proud of yourself
  • get recognition for the music you make


After completing this course you will feel very comfortable with Ableton Live and be able to finish a song using its powerful functions.

I've been using Ableton as my main DAW for about 5 years. I wanted to to a moment to forget what I thought I knew and start with the basics. I was surprised how starting with he basics forced me to think differently than I normally would. I chose to use Ableton's built in instruments and effects instead of reaching for my favorite VSTs. That forced me to approach songwriting from a different perspective. It was fun! I would suggest the course to my best friend so that they could get a quick primer on the basics of how Ableton works.

Steven Stringer

The course is chock full of very valuable and useful information. It is presented in a manner that is understandable and that builds week to week. It allow us to jump right in and make something, which is basically what we all want to do. The combination of the videos, which can be replayed, and the live Q&A sessions offer a comprehensive look and feel for Ableton. I had no experience with Ableton and in four weeks I have gone from nothing to be able to put together my own clips/songs, which is pretty spectacular. The enthusiasm brought by Roy is great and infectious. I would highly recommend this course for others like me who are just starting out with the software, as well as those who have some experience with it and want to find out better and easier ways to put songs together and improve.

Ellen Jakes Kelm

I believe this course was great to get my hands into ableton, lose fear of playing live and create music from scratch. Important information about how to manage clips, instruments and effects was provided to make our tracks sound better. I really had fun with the homework and loved the community we created.

Fabian Aburto

After the course, I feel comfortable using Ableton to further my musical ideas. I like how the course was well structure and built us up step by step. Roy is an awesome instructor, he really cares about us and explains things clearly. I recommend everyone gives it a try, especially for those who have no experience with making music but always want to. Don't be intimidated by Ableton, Roy got your back!

Yu-Shen Chiu

The course is a great foundation for anyone starting with Ableton Live. It reinforces the basics and has various tip overlays along the way without breaking the flow of learning. I like going back to the beginning sometimes as I could always learn something new, and would recommend this to my closest of friends if they had interest in learning Ableton Live. It is easily digestible and not overwhelming for a first time learner, which a lot of courses are.

Xul Rehter

What i like about the course is the fact that it proves that technicality comes second as long as you have the inner creativeness in you to prosper and share your music. I truly benefited from the course in the aspect of how i was able to transform clips created in live into my own tracks. I was then able to realize the full advantage of live compared to other DAW.

Nikki Escamillas

What I liked the most about this course is the focus on the right set of essential fundamentals of music production (especially in Ableton) that can be utilized in the simple workflow presented that efficiently leads to a completion of a reasonable first demo version of a song.
If you ask beginner producers what the #1 problem they are encountering, I bet 9 out of 10 would tell you that they can't finish a song for some reasons. I am in the same boat. Being distracted by the wide range of options in terms of tools, plugins, samples, 3rd party packs, youtube videos, I find it extremely hard to quickly layout my musical idea down before I get sick with the tedious and ineffective and decision-makings for unnecessary and non-essential things in the process of the "first sketch" of the song.
This course is exactly helping me with this issue. I was guided to utilize the basic and core sounds/tools/packs that came with Ableton. It is somewhat eye-opening to me when I realized that using a simple drum pattern or a simple effect can sufficiently "support" the essential elements or feeling (or "vibe") of the track. This helps me to focus on "developing" the skeleton of my musical idea as fast as possible first before deep diving into secondary details like fine tuning sound textures or adding complex effects or adding layers to support the "main theme".
This course is absolutely providing great insights and technique that would help me improve my future workflows and hopefully become closer to the point that I might be able to finish some tracks soon!
I'd definitely recommend this course to everyone who is struggling with efficiently laying out musical ideas and finishing a song.

Nicholas Chan


Meet your trainer

Musician, drummer, live performer, DJ, music producer, sound engineer

Ableton Certified Trainer

Passionate trainer on music & music production

Instructor of multiple courses, projects and coaching programs worldwide

The teacher is very responsive to questions and gracefully keeps you from going down the DAW rabbit holes. Making music is important to us and in 4 weeks you will build the skills to get good musical ideas sketched out.

Timothy Simpson

Roy is a very comforting instructor, and he deconstructed Ableton for beginners in a way that made it easy to take off. The Q&A sessions were very useful, particularly when Roy showed examples of the power of Ableton in his quickly assembled arrangements. Thanks to this, I don't feel any hesitation it starting Ableton and playing with it.

Kartikeya Tripathi

Roy is a great teacher. He makes the lessons very accessible by explaining the elements and then demonstrating them. I also found the live Q&A calls very helpful. I highly recommend this course.

Mary Mazurek

I liked how well presented and put were the instructional video. And the patience Roy had as an instructor. Not so many people that know a thing, have such skill to transmit an idea, and the patience to do so.

Carlos Murgueitio